Inquiry & Design

HTH GSE Conceptual Framework: Inquiry and Design

* Develop curricula, policies, and learning environments based on the HTH design principles.
* Draw upon students' diverse backgrounds and learning styles to enhance teaching and learning.
* Conduct scholarly inquiry that enriches practice and contributes to the larger educational community.

GSE Year I
Implementing Inclusive Classrooms HTH GSE 240
In this writing I explore the design of a RAFT assignment, its implementation and my reflections on the experience.
RAFT Assignment  & Reflection
RAFT Assignment -Student Handout
Forms of Writing for RAFT Assignments


During the second year of teacher leadership I focused on my action research project which is documented in the page Action Research.  Under my Findings section you can find some of the curriculum I designed and implemented to help cultivate a classroom culture that valued beautiful work.  BitterSweet, is a book that my students published at the end of the 2011 school year and is a result of a year long focus on what I call "Writing Your Life" and critique.  We read books like Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech, and Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes and watched the movie The Secret Life of Bees.  All of this combined resulted in the publication below.