HTH GSE Conceptual Framework: Reflection
* Connect theory and practice so that each informs the other.
* Take action and reflect on that action to improve teaching and learning.
* Develop and articulate a personal philosophy grounded in the HTH design principles

GSE Year I

I wrote this poem after getting lost in my attempts to find a parking garage at UCSD.  I was sure that my newly met HTH GSE colleagues had begun their research in the multi-floored library and I would never find them.

Making Connections
While teaching a lesson on strategies good readers employ that specifically dealt with making connections, I used the Connections strategy to bring closure to two texts students read.  This strategy, coupled with a Quaker Read, emphasized the texts main points and allowed students to make personal and more global connections.


During Year II of the teacher leadership program I reflected continually.  Initially, I took up blogging, but I burned out on that.  In retrospect, it would have been a GREAT idea to continue blogging even though I fell into a rut, because those reflections would have helped me with the Findings section of my Action Research and in general, were a productive, cathartic way to document what I was doing.  You can find my short lived blog at
You will see the Findings, Conclusions and Implications, and Final Reflection of my Action Research is embedded with reflection, which is a natural part of the process of research and next steps.